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HollywoodHollywood and Dallas square off in what looks to be a very tough series.  Dallas won 113 games this past season including a convincing 4-2 series win in Hollywood to end the season.

Game #1: Clayton Kershaw (21-7 1.67) vs. Dallas Keuchel (27-2 1.79)
In a battle of Cy Young award winners, 3-time winner (and winner of the 3 of the last 4 AL Cy Young winners) Clayton Kershaw (21-7) takes on expected 2016 GonzalezHit16TBD winner Dallas Keushel (27-2).  Neither pitcher disappointed…  With 1-out in the bottom of the 3rd, Nick Hundley steps to the plate and hammers a double to center.  Christian Colon  singles to right field off Kershaw, Carlos Gonzalez gallops for it … he has it … Hundley rounds third…they’re waving Hundley in…here comes the throw to the plate … and he’s … out!…just missed getting in…oh, those, Werewolves … they slay the go-ahead run.. Hundley just doesn’t have the wheels for that.  The game remains scoreless into the 10th inning.  Travis Plouffe hammers a double with 1 out and is lifted for PR Deven MarreroJarrod Dyson pinch hits for Wellington Castillo.  Ellis16.jpgAfter failing to lay down a sacrifice bunt, Dyson pulls his bat back on a fake bunt with 2-strikes and hammers a base hit right field…it drops in front of Rasmus … he has to play the long bounce … Marrero rounds third and he scores … as the throw comes in to second … Dyson holds at first with a single.  Hollywood leads 1-0!   Hollywood leaves Javier Lopez on the mound to finish the game.  Jeff Francoeur steps in.  Lopez into the wind … a blast to right … way back … it’s gone! … Jeff ties it up!   Yangervas Solarte singles to right and that’s it for Lopez.  Joakim Soria takes over as Justin Maxwell steps in for Dallas.  After Maxwell puts down a perfect bunt, Nick Hundley steps in.  Let’s listen to the call.  Soria looks back at Maxwell on second … the pitch … looped to right … toward the gap… Gonzalez’s after it … cuts it off on the bounce … Maxwell rounds third….they’re waving Maxwell in…here comes the throw to the plate … and he’s … out by inches! … Cargo does it again!! He has cut off the winning run … and the aggressive base running does not pay off.. The game stays that way till the 14th.  With 1-out Ian Kinsler doubles.  Marrero singles to right and the runners are at the corner with 1-out.  AJ Ellis steps in.  Infielders back … Kinsler alert at third … the pitch … hit deep to center field…Pollock is racing back … it has double written all over it … Pollock corrals the ball… Kinsler scores … Marrero rounds third and scores as Hollywood takes the lead 3-1.  Drew Storen comes in and shuts the door as Hollywood takes game 1.
Final Score:  Hollywood 3 – Dallas 1 (13 Innings)

Price16Game #2: David Price (22-7 1.85) vs. John Lackey (21-8 3.00)
Marte16In another tight matchup, Hollywood sends 22 game winner David Price (the Cy Young award winner between Kershaw’s 3 of 4 run) vs 21-winner Jon Lackey.  Hollywood gets on the board first in the second when after Alex Gordon singles, Ketel Marte hammers a triple but is thrown out at home trying to stretch it into an in-side-the-parker.  Hollywood leads 1-0.  Hollywood tacks on another after Gordon singles in the 4th.  With Gordon on the move, Ketel Marte doubles him home for the 2-0 lead!  That is all Hollywood really needs as David Price is perfect thru 8 innings en-route to a Hollywood 6-0 win and a Series lead of 2-0 as they head west to Hollywood.
Final Score:  Hollywood 6 – Dallas 0

Game #3: Pat Corbin (10-2 2.26) vs. Jason Hammel (18-4 3.21)
Corbin vs Hammel.  Dallas jumps out to a lead quickly in the top of the first with 1-0 AJ Pollock steps in.  Hammel brings it … a blast to center … Yelich runs straight back … turns … he’ll look…but Yelich16he won’t touch it … it’s long gone! …  Home run for Pollock and Dallas takes 1-0 lead.  It stays that way until 1-out in the 4th.  Goldschmidt singles with Miggy coming up.  Goldschmidt takes off … Corbin brings it home … bounced up the middle … Harrison charges over, dives … but he won’t get it …Goldschmidt moves easily to third.  Gordon is walked to load the bases.  Marte (the hero in game 2) steps in and knocks a fielder’s choice to tie the game.  With runners at the corners, Ian Kinsler steps in.  First baseman Abreu right on the bag … they start the runner … lined hard over first … base hit. Polanco racing over … he’ll take it on the bounce … Cabrera scores and the Werewolves have the lead! 2-1. Heading into the 7th, Pollock reaches on a Hammel error.  That brings up Jose Abreu.  First baseman Goldschmidt right on the bag … now he throws to first … and Pollock gets back…not his best move … Hammel gets the ball back … now he’s set again … Hammel brings it home.. Abreu swings … he hits it well toward Gordon … it’ll be out of here … way out of here!  Home run for Abreu … and two runs score giving the Cougars a 3-2 lead! With 2-out, Yelich walks.  Yelich bluffs going …Venable16 the runner’s going … here’s the pitch … lined toward third … base hit. Rasmus’s racing to the line … Yelich’s digging around third … they’re waving him home…he’ll score … tie ballgame! … Gonzalez stops at second … as the throw comes in.  Top of the 8th, Hollywood sends Sam Dyson out there to keep it tied.  Gregory Polanco walks to lead it off.  Colon steps in for Dallas….First baseman Goldschmidt perched right in front of the bag … the runner’s going…it’s roped hard to right … into the corner … Gonzalez’s after it … Polanco’s digging he’s around third … coming down the line … he’ll score … the throw in to second. Not in time! … & Colon’s in standing with a double and Dallas has a 4-3 lead!  We head to the bottom of the 9thMark Lowe on the mound to close the game out for Dallas.  Plouffe leads off the inning with a double.  Dyson heads into run for Plouffe.  Ellis sacrifices Dyson to 3rd base with 1-out and Yelich coming up.  They’re pulled in around the infield … Dyson at third with his arms out, crouched.  Lowe steps off the rubber … he fakes the throw … now the pitcher’s back on the rubber..and now the pitch … blooper to left … if it stays up he’ll get it … and it drops.. Rasmus takes it on the hop … Dyson scores … tie game! … as the throw comes in to second!  Yelich steals second and with 2-out Will Venable steps in.  Venable came in to run for Miggy in the 8th when they trailed.  Now he finds himself at bat with the winning run on 2nd.  The runners take their lead … now he comes home with it … swung on. It’s a fly ball to the gap in right … Polanco’s racing over … but he won’t get it. It’s to the wall … it’s all over! … Yelich scores and Hollywood takes a commanding 3-0 series lead!
Final Score:  Hollywood 5 – Dallas 4

Game #4: Adam Warren (12-4 2.48) vs. Clayton Kershaw (21-7 1.67)
Kershaw takes the mound after a brilliant game 1.  Yelich walks to lead off the bottom of the first.  With him off and running, Cargo lines a single to short left … base hit … Yelich’s digging…the throw Kershaw16to third … not in time … Gonzalez rounds first and holds. Goldschmidt coming up to bat now with no outs, infield deep … Yelich alert at third … he lets one go … it’s blooped toward short…Gyorko’s backing up quickly … and it drops for a hit … Pollock fields it … Yelich scores and Hollywood leads 1-0.  With 2-outs, Marte comes up….the pitch comes in … rapped back to the mound … Warren scoops it up … fires to first…safe! … The throw sails over Abreu’s head … he’s chasing it down … Gonzalez rounds third…he’s headed for the plate … coming down the line … the throw … too late … he scores. Goldschmidt moves easily to third … GonzalezHit16Marte rounds first and holds. That’ll be an error on Warren and a Hollywood 2-0 lead!  The fans are going crazy!  Kinsler steps in with the infield back … and Marte takes off … Kinsler pushes one to the right side … and it’s through…Harrison broke for second … Goldschmidt scores … Marte moves easily to third…and Kinsler is on with a single … a classic hit-and-run and a 3-0 lead!  In the bottom of the 2nd, Ellis leads off for Hollywood with a single.  That brings up Cargo.  Warren with the pitch … and Gonzalez belts it deep to right … Rasmus retreats to the wall…does he have room? … His eyes are skyward … and the ball is outta here! Home run for Gonzalez … and two runs score and Hollywood is up 5-0.  That was Hollywood’s 1st homer of the series.  We head to the bottom of the 4th still 5-0 Hollywood.  Yelich leads off the bottom of the 4th with a single.  Cargo doubles him home to make it 6-0 Hollywood.  The route is on as Hollywood takes a 9-0 lead before pulling Kershaw who pitches another 6 1/3 innings of scoreless ball.  Hollywood cruises to a 9-5 victory and a SWEEP of Dallas!
Final Score:  Hollywood 9 – Dallas 2

The Hollywood Werewolves take the series 4-0 & move on to the American League Championship Series to face the Detroit Crime in the 2016 ALCS.

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