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SOUTHWEST DETROIT – On Opening Day, April 12, 2016, look for another franchise relocated to the Detroit area. This one will play games in the Mexican Village area of Southwest Detroit.

Mid-West Baseball League announced Thursday that franchise formerly known as the Elyria Indians, (& Chiefs) will be moving to the Southwest area of Detroit & become the Southwest Detroit Fighting Chihuahuas.
Southwest DetroitThe city was to celebrate the news Thursday afternoon with a news conference featuring people associated with the Indians he official said.

“I think we’ll be in a position where we can have a celebration come opening day. The city deserves more & bringing the Chihuahua’s home to the city, especially the Southwest portion of the city is an exciting new time for all of us” said General Manager Brian “Miz” Mazurek.
A crucial hurdle was cleared this week when, according to city officials, baseball reached an understanding with Detroit Crime, Motor City Muscle franchises who previously objected to having a team relocate within the city of Detroit. But with the new Corktown Cycle franchise within the city boundaries the Crime & Muscle gave up some of their territorial rights. However this could become a very bitter turf war for crowds & merchandising rights.

The negotiations between all Detroit area franchises have produced a 30-page document that would conditionally award the Chihuahuas a location in Southwest Detroit, pending approval by the City Council. The document was official signed as of Wednesday night, the city source told the AP.

Some fans interviewed Wednesday in the suburbs were wary of the implications for Chihuahuas.

“It’s probably money that could be better spent elsewhere,” said Mark Di Mambro, a Macomb County resident who routinely treks to see the kids play ball in the area. “I guess the Southwest Area deserves to have a representative in baseball, but obviously with this Mazurek clown running this ship you have to wonder if he will ever turn this franchise around”.

Others, liked bright sneaker wearing Tony Fici, were clearly elated. “I’ve lived here all my life. I was a Detroit Crime fan, but now I’m all in for the Chihuahuas” Fici said. “It’s good to have Mazurek show us a little wiener in the city.”

“It’s been way too long without a winning team here,” said Amy Randazzo, of suburban Harper Woods. “It’s a national pastime and the Chihuahuas are my new favorite team”

Mid-West Baseball League Commissioner Stray Corrado, reached at his Mount Clemens home, commented with the following statement:
“I think everybody is excited about baseball coming to the Southwest area of Detroit. More than a few residents are excited about a full time Mid-West Baseball League Franchise on the Southwest side… At the end of the day, you’re going to have four franchises in the city of Detroit & plenty of fans to support them.”

After the announcement, the process of selling the Chihuahuas Merchandise started & the franchise logo was unveiled & thousands of Chihuahuas fans went rabid  when the logo was reviled. “It’s a great looking logo, though we weren’t sure if that was his bat or bone he was swinging ”  said fan Scott Kettler.

Elyria’s last home game was played on Friday September 25th, 2015 where the Indians lost 5-2 not only their last game in Elyria, but they lost their franchise as well.

Look for an opening day crowd in Southwest Detroit of about 40,000 wild & crazy Chihuahuas fans. “We’re excited to bring our ankle biting & growling to the City” said Mazurek “We’re already doing research & homework for the 2016 MWBL Draft”. “Our Franchise will be back on top in the American League East sooner than you think.”

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