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2014CoverageDraftBeginning this year the MWBL has conducted an automated COVERAGE Draft. This year it was done at the end of the Waiver Draft Process. 

Beginning next year it will be done at the end of the POST DRAFT CUTS. So beginning in 2015 there will no longer be a Waiver Draft.

Purpose – to ensure that all teams have full player coverage during the regular season without the need for waiver claims – SO THE WAIVER CLAIM PROCESS is also eliminated.

Several administrative items are being eliminated (as well as shrinking the league guide).

Process – An automated draft is set up with 9 rounds (each year it might be different, it is based on the number of CARDED PLAYERS on the disk that are NOT on any roster divided by the number of teams in the league and keeping it a whole number.  For this year, it works out to 9 players per team.

1. A Draft is set up (this year it was in the WAIVER DRAFT order and in subsequent years the order will be determined using the same process as the waiver draft.

2. Each team picks automatically with the DEFAULT Scout and Default GM in Advanced Draft (this will pick based primarily on team needs, so if you are short coverage in a position don’t be surprised to see a number of players picked who can play that spot – based on availability.  COLUMBUS for example needed 1b coverage – and the coverage draft picked 4 guys for that spot.

FRIDAY 10/18/2019
AT 10:00 AM - ET!