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The 2021 Christmas Classic will be held on Christmas night – December 25th, 2021 (results posted on 12/26 @ or about Noon ET) in Matanzas, Cuba in the Stadium – Victoria de Girón.

How does the MWBL going to handle the Christmas Classic Home Run Derby?  This is an idea that came from a league (BUNT), that the Commissioner checks out from time to time.  Dave Snyderman one of the members produced the idea a few years ago and which has been refined somewhat as they went along.  The MWBL refined the idea a little more and adopted the concept for the Christmas Classic Home Run Derby.

This year (2021) the rules for the Christmas Classic have been adjusted for Covid19 Protocols & Procedures.

Representing the American & National League teams they finished 2021 with, will be the following twelve (12), players.
Since 2017 – No Mid-West Baseball League Franchise will have more than one representative.  All representatives will be for the team they finished the 2021 MWBL Season with.

Fernando_Tatisjr21 Miguel_Sano21 Pete_Alonso21 Kole_Calhoun21 Trevor_Story21 Juan_Soto21
Fernando Tatis Jr. Miguel Sano Pete Alonso Kole Calhoun Trevor Story Juan Soto
Rosemere Valdosta Selkirk Jersey Columbus Bethesda


2022draftThe 2022 Mid-West Baseball League Draft is scheduled for Saturday, February 19th, 2021 at 10:30 AM ET.

The 2022 MWBL Draft Order has now been posted (Including the adjusted lottery Order), – 336 Picks are available in the 12 Rounds.

Again this year will be the start time of 10:45 AM ET to allow the West Coast Franchise Owners a few extra minutes of sleep.   Please be advised that with this start time, the 2022 MWBL Draft will conclude later in the day for the East Coast Contingent, so please adjust your plans accordingly.


Hollywood2020Hall of Fame Exhibit – written by Steven Cutler

Everyone looks at the Hollywood “Dynasty” and immediately connects their success to first-round picks, David Price, Clayton Kershaw & Christian Yelich.  While yes, they are big pieces of that team, you can’t win a World Series with 3 players.  You can’t draft your franchise in the first half of the Alex_Gordon-HOLdraft and expect to win.  You need to find those players no one is looking at, but you find.  Sure I have missed more times than not, but I have hit late in the draft more often than a lot of others.  I will ignore potential future star guys I drafted late but they didn’t make it up in time (Blake Snell – 6th rd, 2013; Tristin McKenzie – 9th rd, 2016; Dylan Cease 9th rd, 2016; Bobby Dalbec – 6th rd, 2017) or those I traded (Marco Gonzales – 5th rd, 2014; Kenta Maeda – 6th rd, 2014) cause those guys never played for me.

While Price & Kershaw went 1 & 4, respectively, in the 2007 draft, an interesting fact about Yelich.  I was not available in the first round of the 2011 draft, so I gave Tempe owner Chris Douglass a small list since he wasn’t drafting in the first round.  On that list was my #1 option, Yelich.  So while I created the list, I didn’t physically make that pick 😊.  I digress…..The Hollywood dynasty was helped by some pretty savvy trades, but the depth of Hollywood was made thru through the draft, and mostly in the mid to late rounds.

Paul_Goldschmidt-HOLHollywood entered the league in 2002 (I managed the Columbus team midway 2001, then moved them to Hollywood).  In my first couple drafts, I drafted what I thought were good choices, but I was a newbie and didn’t know the minor leagues all that well.  How did I research….I used the Baseball America website, Ketel_Marte-HOLcause I didn’t really know what else to do.  If you go back to my first draft, you will see how bad it was.  One source with information of ‘potential’ really is not the way to research.  In 2003, I drafted a couple of valuable guys, but my team was bad the previous season, so I had some high picks.

Well, I had (2) years where I was good (2004 & 2005), however, it was short-lived and I returned to the cellar in 2006.  My research had gotten somewhat better, but I didn’t focus so much on those guys everyone knew but rather focused on guys for the later rounds.  In 2005, I drafted my first college player – the third baseman from Nebraska named Alex Gordon in the 4th round.  Gordon would move to the outfield and play his entire career in Hollywood, helping them to (2) World Series Championships.  I must have been drunk in 2006, cause looking back at that draft, it was horrible.  I had an 8-month-old, so let’s blame it on her. 😊 The 2007 draft is well documented and looking back, I used up all my draft capital smarts in the first round.  Ok, it wasn’t smart, it was luck. Fast-forwarding to 2011, Yelich was taken for me (by Chris-Tempe) in round 1, and you would think that was, in itself, a great draft, however, it wasn’t.  Matt_Chapman-HOLAs I recall, we were in the 6th round and I was wanting to draft a first baseman “future”, so I reached out to Iron City (and reporter) Jonathan Mayo with a list of 3 guys.  He Dustin_May-HOL.said, without a doubt, Paul Goldschmidt was the guy.  Fortunately for me, there were 149 players taken before I had to opportunity to choose him. 

Four more years later (2015), coming off my first World Series victory, I was drafting last in each round.  Not expecting to get any good futures, I did my deep research.  This was probably my deepest draft of quality players I had drafted.  In the 7th round of the draft, at pick 169, I drafted an infielder out of Seattle, named Ketel Marte.  Marte has exceeded all expectations as a hitting star in the infield and the outfield.  Then in round 8, pick 213, I dipped deep into the Oakland minors and drafted my cornerstone third baseman, Matt Chapman. I must like that 8th round pick, cause in the 2017 draft, I drafted Gingergaard (Dustin May) with that same pick (212).  May Shane_McClanahan-HOLhas seen a little action but has been stellar when healthy.  Then, while the jury is still out on my 2019 draft, I picked up a potential future Kyle_Farmer-HOLstud lefty in Shane McClanahan in the 10th round and a very valuable utility player in Kyle Farmer in round 11.  Then lightning may appear to have struck once again in the 2020 draft with my 9th round choice of Jake Cronenworth. He seems to be a fixture in Hollywood, like so many others.


So to recap, the following players were drafted in the later rounds by me over the years,

2005 (4th rd) – Alex Gordon

Jake_Cronenworth-HOL2011 (6th rd) – Paul Goldschmidt

2015 (7th rd) – Ketel Marte

2015 (8th rd) – Matt Chapman

2017 (8th rd) – Dustin May

2019 (10th rd) – Shane McClanahan

2019 (11th rd) – Kyle Farmer

2020 (8th rd) – Jake Cronenworth


My point in all this is that you need to research more than what MLB or Baseball America puts out here.  Build your franchise the way you like it, but know, the most valuable players are found later in the draft.  In this list, I drafted (2) starting Ooutfielders, my corner infield, a 2B who can play anywhere, a very valuable utility guy, and a couple of starting pitchers.


DraftLottery2022The 2022 MWBL Draft Lottery will take place on Sunday Night October 24th, 2021 at 9:00 PM ET.

The ten Franchises listed below will have a shot at the #1 Pick in the 2022 MWBL Draft to be held on Saturday, February 19th, 2022.

The Commissioner’s Office will post a link (Team Viewer link) that will go live at 8:45 PM on Sunday night 10/24 if you would like to watch the Lottery live.

UPDATE: 10/25/2021


American League W L WIN % BALLS
Cincinnati Skyliners 22 44 .333 20
Motor City Muscle 23 43 .348 16
Southbend Lynx 24 42 .364 8
Tijuana Bottle Rockets 25 41 .379 4
Southwest Detroit Fighting Chihuahuas 28 38 .424 2
National League W L WIN %  
Harsens Island Walleye 17 49 .258 20
Corktown Cycle 17 49 .258 16
Sacramento Capitals 26 40 .394 8
Baltimore Comets   *** 26 40 .394 4
Valdosta Snappers 28 38 .424 2

***The Baltimore Comets took over for the Pittsburgh Lumber Company after the 2021 MWBL Season.

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MWBLAwardsThe 2021 MWBL Awards were posted today. For a list of all the 2021 MWBL Awards Results please check out the Awards Results Page.

The Detroit Crimes Luke Voit takes home the Most Valuable Player in the American League.   Fernando Tatis Jr. of the Rosemere Renegades took home the National League’s Most Valuable Player.

Jacob deGrom of the Motor City Muscle wins the American League, Cy Young, his first.  In a very close Shane Bieber edges out Adam Wainwright (2 Points) & wins his first Cy Young Award for the Triple Creek Patriots.

Mesa Solar Sox Cristian Javier won the American League Rookie of the Year Award in a 5 Point win & Ryan Mountcastle of the Corktown Cycle won the National League Rookie of the Year Award by a 2 point margin of victory.

Edwin Diaz of the Dallas Cougars won the American League Rolaids Reliever of the Year & the Columbus Explorers Liam Hendriks won his second National League Rolaids Reliever of the Year Award in a row.

Both Managers of the year come from World Series Franchises as Sergio Ivone of the Detroit Crime (1 Point win over Dallas manager Jarl Jackson) took home the Manager of the Year Award in the American League.  Tempe’s Chris Douglass in a runaway wins Manager of the Year in the National League.

For a complete review of how the votes played out click here:   2021 AWARDS VOTING COMPLETE


Alex_Bregman20Jacob Degrom


Fernando Jr. Tatis

FRIDAY 12/10/2021
AT 8:00 AM - ET!