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2015draftThe 2015 Mid-West Baseball League Draft is scheduled for Saturday February 21st, 2015 at 9:30 AM ET.

The 2015 MWBL Draft Lottery has taken place & the Traverse City Crusaders have the #1 Pick overall in the 2015 MWBL Draft.   The Complete 2015 MWBL Draft Order can be found at the 2015 MWBL Draft Order Page.



GeneralManagers2015It’s not a mandatory thing, but it is kind of fun to be online and talk trade with 20+ General Managers of the Mid-West Baseball League.  We need to get everyone signed in & acclimated with the new Chat Program well before Draft Day.

We always appreciate it when we get a lot of Community activity from the General Managers, much of the off-season wheeling & dealing is usually done at this time.

It’s a precursor to Draft Day to make sure everyone can get into the CHAT Room.

The Commissioner Office will arrive in the CHAT room around 9:15 PM ET on the dates listed below, and General Managers can come and go as they please.  The Meetings usually last about one hour maybe two.

The Three Dates are as follows: 


MWBL DRAFT DAY is Scheduled for Saturday February 21st, 2015 – 9:30 AM ET.


MWBL Hall of FameAfter all of those years, all of those spring training games, post seasons, all of those records, all of those awards, all of those cheers, all of those good times and some of those farewells, the Super Seven were gathered together at the Mid-West Baseball League’s Hall of Fame this past Sunday night on a stage for the first ever MWBL Hall of Fame video exhibit.

This was historic stuff, and lifelong Chicago Mobster fans seated at tables soaked it all in. Guests saw videos of the Super Seven as young up-and-coming players as well as towards the ends of their careers. It was the first time the public had access like this in a captive setting to the Super Seven for a nostalgic event, with photo opportunities and auction bidding, and it might be a while before it happens again, as the Super Seven gradually scatter to baseball’s wind.

“Winning sticks out,” Sabathia said. “Talking about the clubhouse, we were able to mess around a lot behind closed doors, nobody’s there; we got on each other a lot. We were tough on each other.  But I have never been mad at any of these guys. And that’s really tough, because you know what everyone of us is thinking. I’ve never been mad at any of them, and it’s always been fun.”

Was it true that Wagner would sometimes start lecturing the other Super Seven guys in the clubhouse?
“I don’t know if we listened,” Jeter said amid laughter. “Sometime you couldn’t understand a word Wags said with his southern drawl, but we just nodded and laughed along.”

Jeter also said when asked if he was surprised that Wagner’s not in the Mid-West Baseball League Hall of Fame yet, Jeter deadpanned: “I’m surprised, because for years he’s been telling me, Chipper, C.C and Pudge that one day will all be in the Hall of Fame together. He should be there before any of us as he retired before us – and he’s the old one among us”.

A great night of laughter, friendship & fun was had by the now know “Super Seven”.

At the time of this exhibit all information is as accurate at the time.

The Chicago Mobsters Super Seven were then introduced in the Video Presentation below:


Click the Image above for the Super Seven Video Presentation.



halloffameThe Mid-West Baseball League Commissioners Office is proud to announce the following three players have been inducted into the Mid-West Baseball League Hall of FameBarry Bonds, Roger Clemens & Randy Johnson.  Going in alongside these three players will be Deputy Commissioner & Manager of the Hollywood Werewolves Steve Cutler.  These four inductees will make up the Hall of Fame Class of 2015 of the Mid-West Baseball League.

2015 Voting Results





Mesa, Arizona - A new era in Mid-West Baseball League Christmas Classic history begins this year, as the Classic moves from Honolulu Hawaii to Mesa, Arizona.   Hohokam Park was renovated to a state of the art facility in the heart of Mesa. The Christmas Classic tradition continues in 2014, as Hohokam Park will open its gates to a new Geographic faithful while still keeping the intimacy and charm we have all grown to love and enjoy in such a small park. Additions & upgrades include a brand new HD scoreboard display, all new seats & seating areas to make watching a game, or the Christmas Classic at Hohokam Park an experience like no other.

The weather was a perfect 69 degrees and the winds were warm, but not more than 8 miles an hour.   Twelve Mid-West Baseball League players, Six (6) from the American League & Six (6) from the National League were participants in the twelfth (12) Annual Christmas Classic Home Run Derby.  Here is how the Classic played out.

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