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The Mid-West Baseball League Commissioners Office is proud to announce the following two players have been inducted into the Mid-West Baseball League Hall of FameIvan Rodriguez & Jim Thome.

Also by the way of the Veterans Committee Mid-West Baseball League Manager Dave Myers of the Tijuana Bottle Rockets.

These three inductees will make up the Mid-West Baseball League Hall of Fame Class of 2017 with inductions held on July 30th, 2017.

Complete 2017 Mid-West Baseball League Hall of Fame Voting Results

Ivan_Rodiguez2017   Jim_Thome2017
Ivan Rodriguez   Jim Thome



2017draftThe 2017 Mid-West Baseball League Draft is scheduled for Saturday February 18th, 2017 at 10:30 AM ET.

The 2017 MWBL Draft Order has now been posted including the winning lottery teams & the complete 336 Pick, 12 Round Selection Order has been posted.

The Coconut Creek Crushers won the 2017 Lottery & will have the #1 Pick in the 2017 Mid-West Baseball League Draft.

#2 – Selkirk Steelers#3 Triple Creek Patriots#4 Southwest Detroit Fighting Chihuahuas#5 Southbend Lynx

The 2017 MWBL Draft Order

Again this year will be a later start time of 10:30 AM ET to allow the West Coast Franchise Owners a few extra minutes of sleep.   Please be advised that with this change of start time, the 2017 MWBL Draft will conclude later than normal, so please plan your plans accordingly.


GENERAL MANAGERS MEETINGSgeneralmanagers2017 for the Winter Months.

It’s not a mandatory thing, but it is kind of fun to be online and talk trade with 20+ General Managers of the Mid-West Baseball League.  We need to get everyone signed in with a HIPCHAT Account as we will be using HIPCHAT for Draft Day 2017.

We always appreciate it when we get a lot of Community activity from the General Managers, much of the off-season wheeling & dealing is usually done at this time.

It’s a precursor to Draft Day to make sure everyone can get into the CHAT Room.

The Commissioner Office will arrive in the CHAT room around 8:50 PM ET on the dates listed below, and General Managers can come and go as they please.  The Meetings usually last about one hour maybe two.

The Three Dates are as follows: 


MWBL DRAFT DAY is Scheduled for Saturday February 18th, 2017 – 10:30 AM ET.


Mesa, Arizona – For the third year now the Mid-West Baseball League Christmas Classic history took place in Mesa, Arizona.   Hohokam Park was renovated in 2014 to a state of the art facility in the heart of Mesa. The Christmas Classic tradition continues in 2016, as Hohokam Park opened its gates to a record breaking crowd of just over 10,001 fans.   Many of the fans came out to see Mid-West Baseball League stars, such as the likes of Nolan Arenado of the formerly Clovis Wheat Kings, David Ortiz of the former New York Outlaws & newcomers such as Matt Carpenter of the Columbus Explorers & fan favorite the home town Mesa Solar Sox himself Brian Dozier. Could the fan favorite show up and take the trophy, but in order to do so, Dozier would have to play the game & beat out some of the best in Mid-West League Baseball.

The weather was a perfect 68 degrees and the winds were warm, blowing out to left, but not more than 7 miles an hour.   Humidity was at 66%, which ironically is the magic number for Home Runs in APBA.  Twelve Mid-West Baseball League players, Six (6) from the American League & Six (6) from the National League were participants in the fourteenth (14) Annual Christmas Classic Home Run Derby. 

Click Here to Read the Full Story on the 2016 Mid-West Baseball League Christmas Classic Results.


The 2016 Christmas Classic will be held on Christmas Eve – December 24th, 2016 in Honolulu Hawaii at Hohokam Park.

How does the MWBL going to handle the Christmas Classic Home Run Derby?  This is an idea that came from a league (BUNT), that the Commissioner checks out from time to time.  Dave Snyderman one of the members came up with the idea a few years ago and which has been refined somewhat as they went along.  The MWBL refined the idea a little more, and adopted the concept for the Christmas Classic Home Run Derby.

Representing the American & National League teams they finished 2016 with, will be the following twelve (12) players.

Nolan_Arenado16-1.jpg Nelson_Cruz15 Chris_Davis16.jpg Yoenis_Cespedes16.jpg  Matt_Carpenter2016.jpg David_Ortiz15
Nolan Arenado Nelson Cruz Chris Davis Yoenis Cespedes Matt Carpenter David Ortiz
Clovis Clovis Tempe Tempe Columbus New York

It is very simple really. What the MWBL Commissioner will do is take a pair of percentile dice. These are 2 dice, each with 10 sides, and ideally, both with different colors, one red one white. If you ever played any role playing games you probably have seen these dice. They are readily available at hobby shops and game stores that cater to the role play crowd. When rolled, these dice will produce a number between 01 and 00 thus the name percentile dice.