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GeneralManagers2015It’s not a mandatory thing, but it is kind of fun to be online and talk trade with 20+ General Managers of the Mid-West Baseball League.  We need to get everyone signed in & acclimated with the new Chat Program well before Draft Day.

We always appreciate it when we get a lot of Community activity from the General Managers, much of the off-season wheeling & dealing is usually done at this time.

It’s a precursor to Draft Day to make sure everyone can get into the CHAT Room.

The Commissioner Office will arrive in the CHAT room around 9:15 PM ET on the dates listed below, and General Managers can come and go as they please.  The Meetings usually last about one hour maybe two.

The Three Dates are as follows: 


MWBL DRAFT DAY is Scheduled for Saturday February 21st, 2015 – 9:30 AM ET.



It’s a beautiful day in Iron City, PA as the American League faces off against the National League in the 2014 Mid-West Baseball League All-Star Game. The American League starter will be Hollywood’s Ace Clayton Kershaw who went 29-3 in the 2014 season, versus Tempe’s 31-game winner Hisashi Iwakuma. In a some wise shocking and disturbing revelation, The AL MVP, Miguel Cabrera was not on the All Star ballot, thus cannot start and since there is no DH in the NL park, must ‘ride the pine’ in favor of Josh Donaldson. Miggy nearly won the Triple Crown in the AL this year, falling 10 RBIs short.

First Inning: Just like in the World Series, Jayson Werth leads off for the AL, and he draws a walk from Iwakuma. Tempe Manager Chris Douglass was all too familiar with this battle and immediately went out to the mound. Making sure the translation is not lost, he asks Hyun-Jin Ryu to come out to the mound with him. With Ryu “mic’d up” you can hear the conversation.

Douglass: Come on Ryu, I need you to translate
Ryu: Dude, I’m Korean. You want Darvish.
Douglass: My bad…Darvish let’s go.

Douglass and Darvish head to the mound and you see Douglass yelling at Darvish as he yells as Iwakuma. What a sight this is. Well, whatever he said worked, because Iwakuma gets the next 3 batters easily. In the bottom of the first, Kershaw sleepwalks through it getting them 1-2-3. Continue reading


2015draftThe 2015 Mid-West Baseball League Draft is scheduled for Saturday February 21st, 2015 at 9:30 AM ET.

The 2015 MWBL Draft Lottery has taken place & the Traverse City Crusaders have the #1 Pick overall in the 2015 MWBL Draft.   The Complete 2015 MWBL Draft Order can be found at the 2015 MWBL Draft Order Page.


The following list of players have filed for MWBL Free Agency based on the Usage Rules, or the 3-Year Expiration of a Minor League (Un-Carded) Contract, or have been released from their Franchise based on 45 Man Roster Limit in October.  There are two tabs at the bottom of the player lists that lets you see Free Agents & 45 Man Releases.

All Players listed here will be eligible to be drafted on Saturday February 21st, 2015 at the Mid-West Baseball League Draft.

All of these Free Agents & 45 Man Roster Cuts have been taken off their teams MWBL Web Roster & are not attached to your Franchise on the 2015 MWBL PREVIEW DISK – that has now been released. Continue reading


The 2015 MWBL Draft Lottery took place on Thursday Night October 9th, at 9:30 PM ET.
Below is the Video of the 2015 MWBL Draft Lottery.
The Complete 2015 MWBL Draft Order can be found at the 2015 MWBL Draft Order Page.