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mwbldraftcentral: not in the first round
mwbldraftcentral: but yes, in the 2nd and 3rd rounds
elyriaindians: ok
straymwbl: 5 Minute until we start
straymwbl: Announce your DROP player First, then your pick "Last, First MLB POS. Wait for Draft Central to prompt the next team. We have lists for some teams.
straymwbl: If a team is not here, they will be passed. If they come in late, we will adjust as we go...
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straymwbl: 3 Minutes to start
straymwbl: Announce your DROP player First, then your pick "Last, First MLB POS. Wait for Draft Central to prompt the next team. We have lists for some teams.
detroitmwbl: We cannot exceed 38 players correct?
straymwbl: Correct
straymwbl: some teams VAL and IRN, need 1 player each without a drop to get to 38 players
straymwbl: so they will not have drops
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detroitmwbl: me too (37)
squidmwbl: hello all
straymwbl: DET too
mwbldraftcentral: Hi
detroitmwbl: Hi
BBWAPBA: Is Billy Wagner making a comeback?
straymwbl: as of right now yes
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BBWAPBA: might have to grab him if you decide to cut him
bkdevine: Howdy
straymwbl: Announce your DROP player First, then your pick "Last, First MLB POS. Wait for Draft Central to prompt the next team. We have lists for some teams.
mwbldraftcentral: Bethesda not present passed
mwbldraftcentral: Baystate
bkdevine: I sent in a list, but I'm here now
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squidmwbl: Drop J R Towles C
mwbldraftcentral: Bethesda can pick after baystate
cdnbandicoot: freaking time nazis
squidmwbl: Shoppach,Kelly-C
mwbltrades: team?
BBWAPBA: do you get 3 minutes :-)
squidmwbl: BOS
mwbldraftcentral: Bethesda
cdnbandicoot: drop rauch
cdnbandicoot: pickup fernando.martinez, hou, of
mwbldraftcentral: I am running the draft (Stacy)
mwbldraftcentral: so I need more info, sorry guys
mwbldraftcentral: full names please
cdnbandicoot: drop rauch, jon, rp, tor
mwbldraftcentral: Dallas not present passed
mwbldraftcentral: Southbend
straymwbl: Announce your DROP player First, then your pick "Last, First MLB POS. Wait for Draft Central to prompt the next team. We have lists for some teams.
bkdevine: You can go by my list... I believe I had Rich Harden
bkdevine: Drop Donny Lucy - C
bkdevine: Southbend picks Harden, Rich - Not sure, he was a FA - P
mwbldraftcentral: Valdosta list pick up only Kearns, Austin
mwbldraftcentral: Fremont not present
mwbldraftcentral: Motor City not present
bkdevine: Are we doing the entire Waiver Draft tonite?
elyriaindians: yes
mwbldraftcentral: Manhattan from list drop Sonnanstine, Andy pick up Hinske, Eric
BBWAPBA: only three rounds - should be done in an hour
bkdevine: Good Thing I joined the chat room then as I only put 4 names on my list
mwbldraftcentral: Long Beach from list drop Navarro, Efren pick up Overbay, Lyle
mwbldraftcentral: Jersey from list drops Rhodes, Arthur picks up Acosta, Manny
BBWAPBA: who did longbeach take
mwbldraftcentral: Roseville
cdnbandicoot: long beach took overbay
mwbldraftcentral: [18:09] mwbldraftcentral: Long Beach from list drop Navarro, Efren pick up Overbay, Lyle
JJames217: Roseville not happy about the last couple picks, have to make a quick change
cdnbandicoot: we have ONE minute per pick, right?
JJames217: Roseville drops Kazmir, Scott picks up Posada, Jorge 1B/C
straymwbl: about that, were felxiable
cdnbandicoot: must not be too flexible since I logged in at 7:01 :-)
mwbldraftcentral: Clovis
bkdevine: Even tho I listed only 1 cut on my list... I'm here now and I plan on making a second seleection... just to clarify
straymwbl: KO
Clovis899: Clovis selects Josh Bard, C
Clovis899: drop no one
mwbldraftcentral: team
Clovis899: got me there
mwbldraftcentral: Owensboro not present
mwbldraftcentral: Virginia not present
mwbldraftcentral: Pittsburgh not present
mwbldraftcentral: Yonge Street not present
mwbldraftcentral: Detroit
elyriaindians: c'mon
detroitmwbl: DeRosa, Mark 3B 1B SF
detroitmwbl: Only cuz his wife is smokin
mwbldraftcentral: West Coast passed
elyriaindians: 3B 1B????????????
detroitmwbl: Miz do you know who she is
mwbldraftcentral: Iron City from list picks up Nady, Xavier
mwbldraftcentral: Chicago
straymwbl: Chicago drops Wagner, Billy - Selects Chambers, Adron STL OF
cdnbandicoot: so much from leading in saves from the grave...
mwbldraftcentral: Coconut Creek not present
mwbldraftcentral: Severn not present
mwbldraftcentral: Hollywood from list drops Kotsay, Mark picks up Francisco, Ben tor OF
mwbldraftcentral: Tijuana
tijuanadave01: Tijuana passes all picks
cdnbandicoot: An in-person snub ... sweet!
mwbldraftcentral: Elyria
elyriaindians: Elyria drops Rodney, Fernando
BBWAPBA: more for us
elyriaindians: Elyria picks Buchholz, Taylor, RP, NYM
mwbldraftcentral: Sacramento
detroitmwbl: Taylor is a girls name
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elyriaindians: So is Sergio.
cdnbandicoot: hahaha
detroitmwbl: lol
sacto skiles: pass
mwbldraftcentral: Camarillo not present
cdnbandicoot: Another voyeur
mwbldraftcentral: Tempe
BBWAPBA: drop Recker, Anthony C oAK
BBWAPBA: pickup - Gillespie, Cole AZ OF
cdnbandicoot: Cole is an old king's name
mwbldraftcentral: Bethesda
elyriaindians: Chris, just ask now...........Gillespie for a 2nd round pick....anyone?
cdnbandicoot: that's me!!!
detroitmwbl: lol
cdnbandicoot: BET drop (off a cliff) Diaz, Matt. OF. ATL?
straymwbl: He will get some sucker to give a 1st
elyriaindians: lol
detroitmwbl: or a 15 grade SP
elyriaindians: lol
cdnbandicoot: BET picks up Miranda (another girl's name), Juan. 1B, TB
detroitmwbl: haha true
mwbldraftcentral: Baystate
squidmwbl: Drop Maier Mitch OF KC
squidmwbl: Add Whiteside, Eli C SFG
mwbldraftcentral: Dallas not present
mwbldraftcentral: Southbend
bkdevine: Southbend drops Brad Lincoln - p selects , Schneider, Brian - C - PHIL?
mwbldraftcentral: Valdosta passed Frement passed Motor City passed
mwbldraftcentral: Manhattan from list Talbot, Mitch picks up Cabrera, Orlando 2B sf
mwbldraftcentral: Long Beach passes
mwbldraftcentral: Jersey
mwbldraftcentral: from list
mwbldraftcentral: nothing available from list so passed
mwbldraftcentral: Roseville
JJames217: Roseville drops Adam Moore C, picks up Kotsay, Mark OF SD
mwbldraftcentral: Clovis
Clovis899: Jeff Francis, P Cin
mwbldraftcentral: drop?
Clovis899: drop Meridtih, Cla P SD
elyriaindians: Francis............1000+ BF
elyriaindians: nic
cdnbandicoot: with 1000+ mbf for Francis though that's like watching Gilligan's Island for 15 hours
mwbldraftcentral: Owensboro, Virginia, Pittsburgh pass
elyriaindians: But Hawaii five O has a better theme song!
mwbldraftcentral: Yonge Street pass
Clovis899: I love Gilligan!
mwbldraftcentral: Detroit
cdnbandicoot: So true!
detroitmwbl: Det drops Ely, John.P.LA
detroitmwbl: LaRoche, Andy 3B Cle
mwbldraftcentral: West Coast, Iron CIty passed
mwbldraftcentral: Chicago
straymwbl: Chicago Drops Zumaya, Joel, picks up Lincoln, Brad PIT, P
bkdevine: Obviously, next year I'm going to put my possible cut names out to the league earlier
mwbldraftcentral: Coconut Creek, Severn passed
bkdevine: Get something for nothing
mwbldraftcentral: Hollywood, Tijuana passed
mwbldraftcentral: Elyria
elyriaindians: Elyria drops Pena, Ramiro
elyriaindians: Elyria picks Valbuena, Luis, 2B, TOR
mwbldraftcentral: Sacramento
detroitmwbl: PP Fris good in butter
elyriaindians: lol
sacto skiles: drop Rowand, pick up Maier
cdnbandicoot: that's Rowand, Aaron, OF, wherever ... Maier, Mitch, OF, KC
sacto skiles: yeah. MIA
mwbldraftcentral: Camarillo passed
mwbldraftcentral: Tempe
BBWAPBA: Dickson, Brandon STL P
BBWAPBA: pickup Rauch, Jon NYM P
mwbldraftcentral: Bethesda
cdnbandicoot: BET ... drop ... Gimenez, Chris, C, SEA
cdnbandicoot: BET ... pickup ... Towles, JR, C, MIN
mwbldraftcentral: Baystate
squidmwbl: Drop Herrmann, frank RP CLE
cdnbandicoot: ...and that's a wrap from Bethesda ... 'nite y'all
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squidmwbl: Add Wheeler Dan RP CLE
mwbldraftcentral: Dallas passed
mwbldraftcentral: Southbend
bkdevine: Southbend will pass its last pick
mwbldraftcentral: Valdosta passed
mwbldraftcentral: Fremont, Motor City passed
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mwbldraftcentral: Manhattan passed
mwbldraftcentral: Jersey
elyriaindians: Am I still here?
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mwbldraftcentral: yes jersey passed
mwbldraftcentral: Roseville
elyriaindians: thx
BBWAPBA: casey got bumped
JJames217: Roseville drops Rob Johnson - C- NYM, picks up Gimenez, Chris, C TB
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mwbldraftcentral: Clovis
Clovis899: Clovis drops Jason LaRue C picks Brad Lincoln P
Clovis899: Lincoln is with PIT
straymwbl: Already Picked up (ASS PICK)
elyriaindians: Ass pick in the waiver draft!
elyriaindians: LOL
Clovis899: I knew that, wanted Verlander but didn't see him on the board.
Clovis899: Reboot, Rich Hill P BOS
straymwbl: Verlander would be an ass pick too
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bkdevine: Is there some king of reward for most cut players selected in the waiver draft?
detroitmwbl: Bob Verlander ??
bkdevine: kind of reward
Clovis899: little brother, lots of promise
detroitmwbl: lol
mwbldraftcentral: Owensboro Virginia Pittsburgh Yonge Street passed
mwbldraftcentral: Detroit
detroitmwbl: pass
mwbldraftcentral: West Coast Iron City Chicago Coconut Creek passed
mwbldraftcentral: Severn Hollywood Tijuana passed
mwbldraftcentral: Elyria
elyriaindians: Elyria drops Vasquez, Anthony
elyriaindians: Elyria picks Hill, Rich, RP, BOS
straymwbl: ASS PICK!
straymwbl: ASS PICK! The pick right before you
bkdevine: Not only do I the most cut players selected.... I have the most cut players selected twice!!!!!
straymwbl: the one the Coop made an ASS PICK on
elyriaindians: I saw Reboot, rich
detroitmwbl: lol
elyriaindians: WTF is reboot???????????
detroitmwbl: aaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssss
elyriaindians: Clovis899 (6:48:25 PM): Reboot, Rich Hill P BOS
elyriaindians: Elyria picks Ciriaco, Pedro, SS, PIT
bkdevine: There's gotta be some type of award or notice for such a feat
mwbldraftcentral: Sacramento Camarillo passed
mwbldraftcentral: Tempe
sacto skiles: actually, I didn't pass.
BBWAPBA: tempted to take Billy Wagner
sacto skiles: But, I'll pass now.
mwbldraftcentral: sorry George
sacto skiles: no problem. I was waiting for the opportunity to pick up Wagner. Looks like Tempe has it though.
straymwbl: Go for it Chris, I will give you my 1st rounder for him next year
BBWAPBA: I was going to trade him to Hollywood
straymwbl: He would give you more
BBWAPBA: PASS - don't need to get in the middle of that one
JJames217: worth it to have him retire a Temper, when he enters the MWBL Hall of Fame as a Temper lol
straymwbl: Thanks guys great job tonight
bkdevine: Cya
BBWAPBA: Thanks Stray and Stacy
bkdevine: Yep... Ditto on that
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Clovis899: Thanks everyone! Great job as always!
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sacto skiles: Yeah, thanks you two. You were awesome, as always.
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mwbldraftcentral: thanks guys!