You have just entered room "mwbl2008waiverdraft."
WallyWalc: Hi guys!
MWBL YSS: Hello all
scutler3: hey all
MizMWWL: hello
KY Head Hunters: hello from KY
scutler3: Stray has my #1 pick
scutler3: and I will pass on #2
scutler3: fyi
MizMWWL: Ass pick?
scutler3: I may pick in the 2nd rd depending on who is waived
KY Head Hunters: is there a quality injured pitcher under the age of 50 availabe? Stray, he is your guy
StrayMWBL: In order to pick a player you need to release one
StrayMWBL: 7 Minutes to roll
StrayMWBL: Please remember you can only select players on the data disk that are on the 3 teams listed as Waivers
MizMWWL: just watching gone with the wind
Steve Beach Bums: Hey guys
StrayMWBL: 5 Miinutes
scutler3: brian you are a dork
scutler3: lol
MWBL YSS: howdy
KY Head Hunters: which Brian?
MWBL YSS: ummmm
scutler3: Elryia
KY Head Hunters: ah
MWBL YSS: yeah. Elyria
scutler3: a chick flick during a draft?
StrayMWBL: 3 Min...
Steve Beach Bums: tell Steve it's all about balance in life, right?
scutler3: lol
MizMWWL: Not that there's anything wrong with that....
scutler3: hehe
MWBL YSS:'d better not F#%K me. 8-)
MizMWWL: Easy big fella
scutler3: lol
StrayMWBL: 1 MIN
MWBL YSS: you'd better not either, sir
scutler3: im sure the guy i am taking no one wantsz
MizMWWL: Wy did Garden City drop Granderson? that will be my 1st
scutler3: what
StrayMWBL: Here we go guys
scutler3: he dropped Granderson
MizMWWL: lol
scutler3: wait stray i mayt take jhim
MizMWWL: Rhett Butler
mwbldraftcentral: HOL Carroll, Jamey 2B releases Myers, MikeP
: Players released can be picked up by later teams
mwbldraftcentral: #2 HOL pass
mwbldraftcentral: #3 ELY
MizMWWL: drop phillips and kelly. p/u piazza and quintanilla
WallyWalc: Do we make 2 picks in a row in this round? If we want to?
BBW APBA: whick philips and kelly
StrayMWBL: One at a time guys... Makes it easier on Stacy...
StrayMWBL: We need to confirm
StrayMWBL: STacy will confirm
bbwjubjub: also use first names
MizMWWL: paul phillips don kelly
mwbldraftcentral: #3 ELY Piazza, MikeC releasing Phillips, Paul C
: Wow. Who's Paul Phillips?
bbwjubjub: Raul's cousin
mwbldraftcentral: #4 ELY Quintanilla, Omara2BReleasing Kelly, DonSS
: not familiar with his work
mwbldraftcentral: #5 AAB
Steve Beach Bums: AAB Alfonzo, Eliezer, C....release Rob Mackoviac
mwbldraftcentral: #5 confirmed
mwbldraftcentral: #6, #7 pass
mwbldraftcentral: #8 AAB
Steve Beach Bums: AAB Weaver, Jeff SP; release Tony Gwynn Jr.
MizMWWL: Weaver started last years mwbl season 5-0
Steve Beach Bums: big comeback year for him this year...can't you feel it?
scutler3: does he have a job?
Steve Beach Bums: probably only on the Bluebirds
mwbldraftcentral: #8 confirmed
mwbldraftcentral: #9-12 pass
MizMWWL: Atlanta is burning, but Tara is still standing
You have just entered room "mwbl2008waiverdraft."
mwbldraftcentral: #13 PIT Kuo, Hong-chic P releasing Abercrombie, Reggie OF
MWBL YSS: nice lil pick, there. always liked him
MWBL YSS: hope his arm stays attached
scutler3: we should change the waiver rule for players waived in rd 1 are not available until rd 2
mwbldraftcentral: #14 PIT Sanchez, Duaner P releasing Dellucci, David OF
scutler3: i think i will propose that
scutler3: lol
mwbldraftcentral: #15-16 pass
mwbldraftcentral: #17 BUF
StrayMWBL: guys lets try to keep talk to a minium
StrayMWBL: it's hard with releases and drops
MizMWWL: you said "hard"
mwbldraftcentral: Wally?
WallyWalc: BUF#17-Jay Payton-OF, Release Robb Quinlan-1B, #18-Sean green, release Scott Eyre
mwbldraftcentral: #17-18 confirmed
mwbldraftcentral: #19-20 pass
mwbldraftcentral: #21 YSS
MWBL YSS: YSS # 21 - Chris Snelling - OF, Release Blaine Boyer
MWBL YSS: YSS # 22 - pass
MizMWWL: who?
MWBL YSS: oh, you'll know the name....
mwbldraftcentral: ##21 confirmed
MWBL YSS: Boyer is a P...sorry
mwbldraftcentral: #22-31 pass
mwbldraftcentral: #32 TOP
scutler3: you think this is, 2003 when he was a decent prospect, lol
MWBL YSS: soft spot
MizMWWL: lol
MizMWWL: g spot
StrayMWBL: when a team is not present, unless a list is sent we pass for them
Bgn46lewis: TOP #32 - Rob Mackowiak, cut Olmedo Saenz
MWBL YSS: doh, indeed
mwbldraftcentral: #33 TOP
scutler3: see that is why we need to change the rule!
KY Head Hunters: :-)
scutler3: Mack would have helped my coverage!!
Bgn46lewis: TOP #33 - Chris Bootcheck, cut Ruddy Lugo
mwbldraftcentral: confirmec
mwbldraftcentral: #34 pass
BBW APBA: I got excited - thought you dropped Julio
mwbldraftcentral: #35 CCC
scutler3: it sucks at #2 i waive cause I dont get the option to see what is dropped
bbwjubjub: #35 CCC Gustavo Chacin-P Cut Chris Britton-P
scutler3: a clear disadvantage
mwbldraftcentral: confirmed
mwbldraftcentral: #36 TEM
BBW APBA: Pick #36 - TEM Langerhans, Ryan OF
BBW APBA: cut Nunez, Abraham
mwbldraftcentral: confirmed
mwbldraftcentral: #37 TEM
BBW APBA: #37 - Murphy, Donnie SS OAK
BBW APBA: Cut Torres, Salomon
mwbldraftcentral: confirmed
mwbldraftcentral: #38 CCC
bbwjubjub: #38 CCC Seth McClung-P cut Jose Capellan-P
BBW APBA: #1 pick
mwbldraftcentral: confirmed
mwbldraftcentral: #39 KEN
bbwjubjub: only because I saved Howard for #17 that year
MWBL YSS: Adios all. Good luck sirs.
mwbldraftcentral: night Scott
Steve Beach Bums: so long
MizMWWL: by by
MWBL YSS: see ya
MizMWWL: wwtby
KY Head Hunters: 39/40 pass
mwbldraftcentral: #39-48 pass
mwbldraftcentral: #49 HOL
mwbldraftcentral: #49 pass
mwbldraftcentral: #50 ELY
OSUBVS: cam just arrived sorry
MizMWWL: drop joe inglett. p/u denny bautista - p
StrayMWBL: still got one shot Jason in Rd 2
mwbldraftcentral: confirmed
mwbldraftcentral: #51 AAB
Steve Beach Bums: AAB passes and will signing off.
OSUBVS: wife had baby on friday
mwbldraftcentral: #51-54 pass
bbwjubjub: good for you !!!
mwbldraftcentral: congrats Jason!!
MizMWWL: what named?
BBW APBA: congrats
bbwjubjub: and it was????
OSUBVS: boy #3 .... drew
mwbldraftcentral: #55 PIT Mujica, EdwardP releasingSadler, BillyP
: jd drew?
mwbldraftcentral: #56 pass
bbwjubjub: good pick
mwbldraftcentral: #57 BUF
WallyWalc: BUF-Passes and is calling it a night!
MizMWWL: bye wally
mwbldraftcentral: #57-62 pass
mwbldraftcentral: #63 VIR
WallyWalc: Goodnight everyone
proe219: Guy I wanted is gone.
proe219: Pass
mwbldraftcentral: #64 CAM
proe219: Good night
mwbldraftcentral: Good night Paul
OSUBVS: joe kennedy
BBW APBA: not much future
OSUBVS: typing with 1 hand
StrayMWBL: Hey don't be sick in here
StrayMWBL: J/K
OSUBVS: drop mike stanton
mwbldraftcentral: confirmed
OSUBVS: hold on nevermind
mwbldraftcentral: #65 TOP
Bgn46lewis: #65 - TOP - Abraham Nunez, cut Juan Castro
StrayMWBL: what do you mean Jason?>
OSUBVS: forgot aboyt that
StrayMWBL: you don't want Kennedy over the death?
OSUBVS: ill take rasner
OSUBVS: sorry baby in left hand
MizMWWL: good night mwbl
mwbldraftcentral: correction confirmed
mwbldraftcentral: #65 confirmed
mwbldraftcentral: #66 CCC
bbwjubjub: 66 pass
OSUBVS: thanks
mwbldraftcentral: #67 TEM
BBW APBA: Pick #67 - TEM Moore, Scott 3B BAL
scutler3: jason, congrats on the new baby
BBW APBA: Drop Geronimo Gil
OSUBVS: thanks ttyl all
mwbldraftcentral: confirmed
KY Head Hunters: 68 pass
mwbldraftcentral: #68
mwbldraftcentral: #69-70 pass
mwbldraftcentral: #71-72 pass
mwbldraftcentral: thats it
BBW APBA: can I have one more pick :-)
bbwjubjub: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy
StrayMWBL: damn, Exciting....
StrayMWBL: or not