We take your existing website and total overhaul it using your original copy and images, along with any new materials that you would like to include, again we focusing on the following:

General Improvements:
Design new graphical header/logo; Incorporate new color scheme;
Improve photos and graphics; Improvement of navigation features to make information on your website easier to find.

Load Times:
We optimize images, text keywords, source coding, general layout and existing designs to ensure faster downloads and a user friendly environment for your prospective customers.

File Size:
You, as the registered web site owner also benefit by reducing the total megabyte file size of your site. This in turn would result in a reduced cost to your host server or increase the content of your web site within your allocated megabyte limit.

Search Engine Optimization:
It is a well known fact that the majority of Websites will never be found on the Internet due to the HTML source codes and especially Meta Tags, Title Tags and Keywords not been fully optimized. If you are not showing up on any of the main search engines and directories, i.e. Google, then give us a call.

Call Stray Design to discuss your ideas, and request a quote.
Website Design rate is usually $50/hour, advanced programming for databases is $100+, depending on the expertise required.