Welcome to Stray Design

What We Do?
We design and develop unique, affordable websites for our clients. Our objective is to create an informative, well-designed, user-friendly website which will download quickly.
We provide you with a highly appealing, effective and desirable website, giving visitors an informative and interesting online experience, while providing you with a quality corporate identity.

Why Stray Design?
We strive to give you a very high quality site, at an unbeatable price. Many web design companies want you to believe you have to spend a lot of money for an effective site. It is completely untrue and Stray Designs is the ideal example. We offer high quality web design at not only affordable prices, but unbeatable ones!

Unlike most web design services that offer you “plans” which give you very limited customization for your site, Stray Designs will work one on one with you, deciding exactly what you need and working out a pricing plan that will fit your budget! We are on your side and will make sure the site goes in the right direction!

Why The Internet?
A presence on the internet offers you the opportunity to promote your message, advertise and sell your products and services to internet users worldwide. On the internet your presence is only as good as your website.